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Horizon Health Access PC offers a state of the art mobile medical testing service to help your company comply with OSHA and NIDA workplace environment health risk regulations.  

We know that you are already concerned for the health of your employees and are being pressed to have the periodic testing for the agents they may be exposed to in the workplace.

Horizon Health Access facilitates the performance of blood tests for such metals as lead, zinc protoporphyrin, aluminum, mercury, cadmium, or arsenic.  

If your workplace needs employee evaluation for organo chlorines or organo phosphates, solvents, drugs or alcohol, Horizon Health Access personnel are highly professional and skilled at phlebotomy and meticulous blood and urine chain-of-custody sample collection techniques.  You will be very satisfied with our prompt reporting and rapid turnaround times.   

Welcome to Horizon Health Access
Horizon Health Access
"Onsite Medical Testing Solutions"

If pre-employment or post-employment physical examinations are required, these can be carried out at your workplace office or in our fully equipped vehicles.  This can save you time and money by minimizing employee time away from your workplace.

Our doctors are licensed in your state and conduct rapid, thorough examinations.  Reporting is done on a standardized basis and kept thoroughly confidential with communication to employee and employer through our Medical Review Officer (MRO) protocol.

Through the Horizon Health Access MRO Program, regular, random testing schedules can be designed to meet the regulatory requirements for your particular industry so that compliance is thoroughly maintained and impartial.  Storage of the information is centralized so that comparisons can be made to previous examinations if required.

This arrangement offers peace of mind for both employer and employee, providing better harmony and discreet supervision of the testing process which can be delicate if not handled properly.

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